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Name: Barnwell Terrace
Date: 1890-1893
Area: Drumoyne
Named after Richard Barnwell who became a partner in the Fairfield Shipyard in 1885 he also lived at Ibroxhill House Ibrox.

The terrace was built sometime between 1890-93 and ran in an easterly direction from Drumoyne Road and was originally 86 metres in length and contained 12 sandstone blocks of flats with 4 flats in a block which were built in a style that resembled small tenements. In the 1920s the terrace was extended by a further 45 Metres to the east meeting the newly built Arklet Road at this time 2 bungalows and a semi-detached block were added to the terrace.
Grid Ref: NS 5445 6524

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Street No(s): Odd Nos. 1-35 north side & Even Nos. 2-36 south side.
Postcode(s): G51 4TP
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