Ships Built at Govan

Below is a list of almost 3000 ships built at Govan by the following companies; Robert Napier & Company, Randolph Elder & Company, Dobbie Hedderwick & Co., Dobie & Company, Mackie & Thomson, Smith & Rodgers, London & Glasgow Engineering and Iron Shipbuilding Co. Ltd., William Beardmore & Company, John Elder & Company, Fairfield Shipbuilding & Eng. Co. Ltd., Alexander Stephens & Sons, J & G Thomson, Harland & Wolff and more. Click on a link below and you will be taken to the to list of ships built by that company.


Time Period Company/Builder Description
1843-1900 Robert Napier & Company Ships built by Robert Napier at the "Old Yard" and "New Yard"
1844-1864 Smith & Rodger Ships built by Smith & Rodger at the Middleton Yard
1852-1872 J & G Thomson Ships built by J & G Thomson at the Clyde Yard
1852-1969 Alexander Stephen & Sons Ships built by Alexander Stephen & Son at the Linthouse Yard
1862-1870 Randolph Elder & Company Ships built by Randolph Elder & Co. at the "Old Yard" and the Fairfield Yard
1864-1866 Dobie, Hedderwick & McGaw Ships built by Dobie, Hedderwick & McGaw at the "Old Yard"
1864-1913 London & Glasgow Eng. & Iron Shipbuilding Co. Ltd. Ships built by London & Glasgow at the Middleton Yard
1866-1884 Dobie & Company Ships built by Dobie & Company at the "Old Yard"
1870-1886 John Elder & Co. Ships built by John Elder & Co. at the Fairfield Yard
1886-1968 Fairfield Shipbuilding & Eng. Co. Ltd. Ships built by Fairfield Shipbuilding & Eng. Co. Ltd at the Fairfield Yard
1889-1913 Mackie & Thomson Ships built by Mackie & Thomson at the "Old Yard"
1900-1905 William Beardmore & Company Ships built by William Beardmore & Company at the "New Yard"
1913-1963 Harland & Wolff Ltd. Govan Ships built by Harland & Wolff Ltd. at what was the Old, New, & Middleton Yards
1968-1973 Upper Clyde Shipbuilders Ltd. (Govan Division) Ships built by the Govan Division of UCS at the Fairfield Yard
1973-1990 Govan Shipbuilders Ltd. Ships built by Govan Shipbuilders Ltd. at the Fairfield Yard
1991-1999 Kvaerner Govan Ltd. Ships built by Kværner Govan Ltd. at the Fairfield Yard
2002-2010 BAE Systems Ships built by BAE Systems at the Fairfield Yard
1828-1934 Other Shipbuilders Other Shipbuilders who built ships in Govan (Yards not known)